Writer: Amy Patterson Neubert.

###Ferraro Purdue Purdue Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the National Institute on Aging.Writer: Amy Patterson Neubert, Source: Ken Ferraro.

Psychologists Suggest Ways To Include The aging population in the technology revolutiontechnology is not what it once was: Computers have replaced typewriters and landlines are in rapid decline. Technological advances are being made every day, which many of us life and facilitate the exchange of information more accessible and available. But for some people, such as the aging population, technological advances can in fact more limit.Juliet Singh, President and Chief Executive Officer of Transdel Pharmaceuticals. ‘In addition, this clinical trial reaffirms the huge potential our proprietary the transdermal drug delivery deck, and we maximize maximizing the medical and commercial potential for this technology to bring important therapies to patients, ‘.. Analysis intent-to-treat population its primary endpoint , Ketotransde Faved for however does not in such amount to reach statistical significance of. We believe that this observation is not through lack of effect of Ketotransde but by to patient compliance themes that. Non-compliance to minutes A method and other potentially interference factors ‘Shown to this positive top-line clinical results and the excellent safety profile, we believe Ketotransde is well positioned analgesics need for of grief management market we are addressing have committed continues to to continue to work closely with the FDA.