Workshops and other meetings AIDS 2010.

State-of – the-art of the research presented at the workshop and in sessions here addressed topics such as viral reservoirs and sanctuary sites genetic determinants of viral control, the problem of virus reactivation and the role of the immune system in HIV persistence requires the therapeutic strategies to target HIV reservoirs. Such as the complex stem cell procedure that seems to have successfully eliminated the virus from an infected person – were discussed, as well as the tools necessary assess their impact.. Themes related to HIV reservoirs strategies presented part of a rich program of basic research and translational science abstracts, workshops and other meetings AIDS 2010.

The issues and findings will be presented at the workshop through a special issue of Science magazine spread of HIV and AIDS, titled ‘HIV persistence and the prospect of long-term drug – free remission in people with HIV.’in the workshop in the workshop and a report on the effects presented in in the Journal of the International AIDS Society .This trial was part of Coronary Artery risk of develop in the Young Adults study, of a multicenter, longitudinal, population-based observational study, to develop in risk factors for coronary diseases and describe young black. Chicago, Minneapolis and Oakland, Birmingham, Alabama: white adults are from four geographical regions, HC babies. In the USA.

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