With benefits maintained over 8 months.

Despite strong evidence for its effectiveness, CBT remains difficult to access. In this randomised managed trial, 297 patients with a confirmed analysis of major depression were recruited from 55 general procedures in Bristol, London, and Warwickshire. The principal outcome was recovery from unhappiness at 4 months. The researchers discovered that 113 individuals in the intervention group and 97 in the control group completed 4-month follow-up. The authors conclude: ‘The amount of patients for whom on-line CBT is feasible and attractive will grow.’ Paper: Therapist-delivered internet psychotherapy for unhappiness in primary treatment: a randomised managed trial by David Kessler, Glyn Lewis, Surinder Kaur, Nicola Wiles, Michael King, Scott Weich, Debbie J Sharp, Ricardo Araya, Sandra Hollinghurst, August 22 Tim J Peters The Lancet Vol 374, 2009..Jones cautioned that medical trials would be necessary before CAPE could possibly be proven effective and safe for this function in humans. However the CAPE experiments offer a precedent to unlock the biological mechanisms of other natural treatments as well, allowing these compounds to cross over to the clinic maybe. ‘An average problem in bringing a few of these herbal remedies into the clinic is usually that no one knows how they action, nobody knows the mechanism, and therefore researchers are usually very hesitant to include them to any pharmaceutical treatment strategy,’ Jones said. ‘Today we’ll actually have the ability to systematically demonstrate the parts of cell physiology that are affected by these compounds.’.

Angiogenesis : Blocking tumor development and treating infarction – a new target Our tissues can easily form new blood vessels throughout life.