Today based on the results of a report published online by THE LANCET.

Angina drug nifedipine safe and sound for long-term use The angina drug nifedipine is thought to be safe for long-term use, today based on the results of a report published online by THE LANCET. Calcium antagonists such as nifedipine are used to reduce the symptoms of angina, but there were doubts about their long-term safety more . Nevertheless, ACTION–A Heart disease Trial Investigating Final result with Nifedipine GITS–provides new info on the drug’s long-term make use of. GITS modifies the release of the medication to supply stable long-term concentrations of nifedipine in blood. ACTION was designed to investigate the effects of long-acting nifedipine GITS on the clinical outcomes in individuals with stable symptomatic coronary disease, half of whom had experienced a previous heart attack.

Consult with the physician or physical therapist for strengthening exercises. When participating in a sport, consider having a weak ankle taped, as taping gives extra support. In case you have repeated sprains, putting on an ankle brace while playing can help. Make sure a playing field is free from any holes or obstacles to greatly help avoid injury. If you have flat bunions or feet, consult a podiatrist as these circumstances could lead to balance problems or instability of the ankle.. Ankle Sprain Prevention Ankle sprain prevention is often as simple as putting on the right shoes or while complicated as balance training for athletes.