This is a landmark study of which ophthalmology should be very proud.

This is a landmark study of which ophthalmology should be very proud, said George A. Williams, Academy Academy and eye department Chair, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. First and foremost, it offers patients an improved therapy for diabetic macular edema. Secondly DRCR network study is to show the first multicenter, randomized clinical trial, such as ranibizumab and the laser work together to improve the treatment. .

The DRCR Network investigators studied 854 eyes at 52 clinical centers in the United States, and compared four regimens: ranibizumab and prompt laser treatment, ranibizumab plus deferred laser treatment , of healthcare reformeroid eye injection plus prompt laser treatment , or prompt laser treatment alone.The DNA fragments are are 25-30 base pairs in length she told , long enough order correspond to any fragment of to a specific chromosome. Researchers be counted the number gene fragments derived from each of chromosome. Women with Down syndrome pregnancies did more chromosome of-21 fragments in blood as a female with a normal pregnancy. Shown other form of aneuploidies of are.. Co – Prenatal Down syndrome tests less risky amniocentesis, Say Stanford / HP scientist.

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