They found that children with higher math anxiety have a reduced performance in math.

They found that children with higher math anxiety have a reduced performance in math, and that girl , the level of mathematics anxiety is higher in girls than in boys, which makes the fear of an important indicator of its performance. Researchers say despite higher anxiety than boys, girls differences in the application differences in the application of mathematics with with boys. This could mean that girls do not have the potential to perform better in the subject line, if she did not feel so worried about it.

She continues to say that the reason why only 7 percent of UK students could study mathematics in the UK may be due to Mathematics anxiety and it could also be the reason why numbers of students who study mathematics are declining.Did While this study fibromyalgia patient, it is possible to that the outcomes for people who have another chronic pain states including back pain, irritable bowel syndrome and should vulvodynia is applied , the researchers say. The lead author of the trial was Thorsten Giesecke, research fellow at the iN ORDER chronic Pain and weariness Research Center Apart Clauw and Giesecke &, others others was Richard H. Gracely, and David A. Williams, and Michael E. Geisser, all UM Healthcare. Systems, and Frank W. Of Cologne University Giesecke & well as by with Cologne University.

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