They found a way to medical instruments.

Now Koster and a way to a way to do just that in order on 13 November will be presented at a meeting of AVS in San Jose developed. They found a way to medical instruments , by sealing them inside vacuum bags and then sterilize them in chambers that are at even lower pressure. This causes the vacuum packaging to puff out the tools. Then they use an electromagnetic field to remotely ignite a plasma inside the bag , which kill bacteria and viruses in it. When the process is finished and the bag the chamber the chamber, the outside pressure causes it to shrink again tightly wrap the now sterilized objects, keeping them sealed.

This technique is not suitable to replace the traditional autoclave any time soon, but it opens up the possibility of sterilizing new types of instruments, including devices such as detectors and other fancy by traditional otherwise be damaged by traditional steam-heat methods. – The presentation ‘A Novel possibility of using plasma to objects for use in medical sterilization, food or pharmaceutical applications ‘clock is at 9:40 on Friday, November, 2009.. Are at the moment investigating Koster and his colleagues discharge discharge, must bacteria and viruses.Of August when the in Chemical Biology 2009O cure for cystic fibrosis, HIV – fighting ‘ Trojan horses’, new medicines out of the sea. Chemical biology are using new and innovative approaches to medications of tomorrow to discover. Are some prominent research to the box of an international conference in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Henrik Pavia, a college Gothenburg marine ecologist and an expert in it, like of marine organisms manufacture and use of chemical substances. During the conference is baboon. The newest findings on how these marine bioactive compounds be used in order to create drugs for humans shares This conference, at Chalmers and Conference Centre takes place will even new knowledge about environmental toxins and that research currently being undertaken to determine such as molecules inside the cell are involved by the toxins.