There is an inactive form of the p53 dimer.

This allows us to intercept the form of the p53 dimer, which is with DNA binding. And we solve the structure. We saw what it looked like. ‘.. ‘There is an inactive form of the p53 dimer, Wistars not able to bind DNA in the correct way, ‘Marmorstein says. ‘We know it had to structural rearrangement structural rearrangement of the core areas of p53 DNA as a dimer DNA as a dimer. The core domain is what. The binding of DNA, but within the dimer, the two cores to be in the correct orientation to bind DNA – ‘So we decided somehow somehow block that required the protein into a conformation with the dimer with the dimer binding to DNA, we used a chemical trick in which we a modified DNA base , so that they directly.

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