The work of Prof.

The work of Prof. Touitou, a worldwide authority in the drug delivery area focuses on the design of new carriers for enhanced drug absorption and efficiency. Two start-up companies were created and are active in the development of various novel pharmaceutical products, previously developed previously developed innovative technologies. – ‘This innovative drug delivery system is a powerful tool with which the development of better drugs for the treatment of pain,’said Lorenzo Pradella, Business and Operational Development Director of Z-Cube. ‘Patients with pain of this new approach, the expanded and easier to produce therapeutic benefit promises to to use. ‘.

The expectation is that the demand for prescription pain management products will continue to favorable demographics favorable demographics, increasing incidence of chronic pain, and the awareness of the need for physicians to treat pain. Improved pain management includes not only the discovery and marketing of new chemical entities, such as painkillers, but also the development of new delivery systems devoted to reducing side effects, enhance safety and enhance compliance. ‘Our objective is to analyze all the tumors in southern Sweden This collection of samples also improves the collaboration between clinicians and researchers, and the opportunities to be able to quickly implement our research results in a clinical setting Emphasis Carsten Rose, Professor of Oncology and Head of the Division for Sk ne University Hospital?..While many of genes have was entangled in the schizophrenia balanced by Child study, there has been little evidence for functional changes in proteins which are actually involved, but having CAPON it works, in fact, seems be functional detection. – If CAPON truly signal disturb this cellular pathway so the neuron ,, when and where they want, there are a entry point for therapeutics, by Firestein said. We can not, the therapeutics now we may have been established some goals. .