The study was funded by the National Institutes of the HealthAn abstract of the paper follows.

###The study was funded by the National Institutes of the HealthAn abstract of the paper follows. Transformation efficiency of Q61 Ras mutants in composites with structural features of presence of switch regions the presence of Raf Authors: Greg Buhrman, Glenna Wink and Carla Mattos, North Carolina State University Published: December 2007 in StructureAbstract: transformation efficiencies of Ras mutants at residue 61 range over three orders of magnitude, but the in vitro GTPase activity 10-fold increases for all mutants. We show that Raf affect the GTPase activity RasQ61L, suggesting that the Ras / Raf complex modulated differential transformation. Show our crystal structures that II in transforming mutants switch participating in a network of hydrophobic interactions burying the nucleotide and pre-catalytic water molecule.

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