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The protein amyloid beta1-42 or A 1-42, which previously was a biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease is not a predictive factor in this study. That that sAPP as a biomarker may be useful and above the established marker A 1-42 in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer ‘s disease, said Perneczky.. The researchers found that the best predictor, if anyone Alzheimer’s disease develop a combination of sAPP, the tau protein and the age of the individual was? When these factors are combined, the results were approximately 80 % accurate in predicting whether the disease to develop.

‘One possible explanation is that A 1-42 measures events further downstream of the first steps? for preparing the amyloid plaques , which accumulate in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease lead sAPP a measure for the first crucial step in this process and therefore more accurate information on the core pathological events. ‘.To 1986-1997 which mean deaths per 100,000 deaths per 100,000 women age 75-79 and in 2006 it was 117 per the one hundredth It takes some years ago a significant effect of of the control of can be seen, so breast cancer death was analyzed at age 75 to 79 -.. Over found mammograms Profit women by the age 75, and that three-year screening interval is best.

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