The Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Trade and Affairs.

‘Further immunisation campaigns over the provinces of West Java, Banten and metropolitan Jakarta will now happen over the next 8 weeks,’ Mr Billson stated. Australia has backed immunisation promotions in Indonesia for several years. Since 1995, over $2.5 million has been contributed to the mass vaccination of children in a variety of Indonesian provinces. The promotions have included polio and measles vaccination with Vitamin A supplementation together. ‘I desire all Australians going to Indonesia, those with small children especially, to make sure that their polio immunisations are up-to-date,’ Mr Billson said..A group of scientists, led by Professor Chen Hualan of the Harbin Veterinary Analysis Institute at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, provides investigated the origins of the novel H7N9 influenza virus and published their outcomes in Springer's open access journal Chinese Research Bulletin . Following analysis of H7N9 influenza infections collected from live poultry marketplaces, it was found that these viruses circulating among birds were in charge of human infections. These results provide a basis for the government to take activities for controlling this public health threat.