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Results of this third stage – suggested two hypertension-associated SNPs – were validated in a future study here . Identified a variant in almost 90 % of the population found with a 20-% reduction in ANP levels and a 18 % higher incidence of hypertension was associated. The other variant had. Similar, though less pronounced effect on ANP levels and blood pressure ‘Natriuretic peptides are known to the heart when the heart when it is stressed, and screening for peptide levels is often used to congestive heart failure, a condition in which they highly elevated diagnose,’says senior author Thomas Wang, of the MGH Cardiology Division. ‘It is premature at this stage screening natriuretic peptide levels or gene variants enter diagnose risk of high blood pressure, may be possible to may be possible to natriuretic peptide – deficient individuals treated with therapies that restore normal levels and reduce the risk. ‘ – Newton – Cheh adds, ‘It is likely that many more genes are found contribute to changes in blood pressure, and the real challenge is to understand the mechanism behind their effects is an advantage of this variant is that we know that they are acting. By influencing a well-studied pathway that therapies therapies that are being developed. ‘He and Wang are both professors of medicine at Harvard Medical School and were co – corresponding authors on the paper. JAMA. 301[ 8]:868 – 869th.

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