The largest victim in it has been the optical eyes.

The one thing that the modern guy can thank his stars for is the various ways in which the advancements in neuro-scientific technology and technology have put into the improvements that he could make to his life-style. The other thing may be the techniques these innovations have been incorporated in to the medical sciences. The one point that basically needs to be made sure is certainly that the medical technology should be used in the most judicious of manners. Otherwise it could have an adverse effect on the health of the eyes of the individual. The other major contribution of the technology has been the internet. The advent and the ensuing spread of the web have seen the human operations benefit a whole lot really. The many companies that produce the lenses advertise about their items on the net.The brand new article-processing charges, that will cover all costs and provide a sustainable funding model, have already been set at $1700 for papers in the Physical Review and $2700 for all those in Physical Review Letters. The resulting open access articles will appear alongside and mixed in with subscription-funded content, switching these journals into ‘hybrid’ open access journals. ‘The most selective of our journals will need to have higher article-processing charges for their open access articles,’ said Gene Sprouse, APS Editor in Chief.