The gift was Dr.

The gift was Dr. Fadlo Khuri Chief of Hematology and Oncology at the Winship Cancer Institute and deputy director for clinical and translational research presented. The funds will be directed exclusively to Dr. Khuri the lung cancer research.

The two centrosomes responsible a cell proceed correctly for cell division. From these polar bodies in the cytoplasm protein fibers form, the correct distribution of duplicated chromosomes to the newly forming daughter cells. Under the microscope, these fibers in the form a spindle. Cancer cells often have more than two centrosomes. As a result the spindle fibers have not necessarily the normal form of a spindle with two poles, but dysfunctional dysfunctional multipolar shape. For clusters.s switched off every single gene of the cancer cells. Then they studied under a microscope multipolar, malformed spindles. They found 82 genes that play a role in centrosome clustering.Of assessing the reliability of the review of drawing, the results were more pronounced compared with two standardized eating disorder screening assay and has found a very strong correlation between all the tests. ‘Women suffer from eating disorders rule tendency to hide their condition, even by her professional therapists often find it such talk about their problems, so a non – verbal and non intrusive tools such a simple request for a self – life drawing an important tool in an important tool in the creative art therapy became, ‘says Prof.