The current Indian snake antivenoms produced by seven manufacturers.

Antidote antivenom producers argued that their products all snakes of medical significance to cover as defined by the Big 4 . It was impossible to date in order to persuade them new new antivenoms against the emerging species, the study says. – Treatment of the Big 4 as a single, solid unit that is from the two producers antidote and therefore doctors too too numerous incorrect assumptions, negatively impacted patient care. Study researcher Ian Simpson and Robert Norris advocate the use of the WHO methodology for identifying snakes of medical significance:.. The recognition of new species of medical importance also has great significance in the field of snake antivenom design and manufacturing. The current Indian snake antivenoms produced by seven manufacturers, remained unchanged for many decades.

The World Health Organization estimates that the annual mortality due to snakebite in India about 50 Many factors contribute to this mortality in which there. Many issues relating to the treatment of snakebite victims A study in Kerala found that killed of 44 serpents and two hospitals snakebite victims from 2000 to 2004, nine of the hump-nosed pit viper. All nine were incorrectly however. By the treating physicians.‘Antimicrobial resistance is an enormous problem for human or animal health care when veterinarians we have an obligation, these drugs have to use a responsible manner the benefit of Animal Health & welfare as well as public. Health.