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Test has a higher accuracy in patients receiving finasteride – 16 Finasteride increases prostate – specific antigen , the ability to prostate cancer, a study in the August Journal of the National Cancer Institute reported seen.

The authors found that finasteride changed the diagnostic characteristics of the PSA test, that it detected prostate cancer with higher sensitivity and accuracy in men in the finasteride group than men in the placebo group. They suggest that the increased detection of high-grade prostate cancer in the finasteride arm of the PCPT of the drug ‘s ability to improve the performance the PSA test and it can not be related to the induction of high-grade disease. The authors write – : This trend is expected to to to greater detection of all types of prostate cancer with finasteride be. ###.Drugs. As GERD diagnosed?patients with bad refluxing will be the serious esophagitis is an inflammation that lining , or evidence of long-term complications such a stenosis or Barrett esophagus, where the lining of the esophagus changes validated by an the cell type to another. Be the gold standard for the diagnosis of the gastroesophageal reflux is connected acids PH control. These tests occur to either one wireless or catheters -based art in which a patients 24 hours acid exposure will be using a sensor is the distal esophagus is measured.