The 2011 recipients of the Minority Travel Award are:Shayna Atkins.

Source: Ellen R.. The 2011 recipients of the Minority Travel Award are:Shayna Atkins, Spelman College, molecular modeling of actin – vinculin interactions. Christian Berrios, Purdue University, in vivo and in vitro assembly of Sindbis virus nucleocapsid mutants. Duad Cole, University of North Carolina, A three dimensional model of Tetrahymena telomerase RNA in the minimum TELOMERASE COMPLEX. Ziah Dean, University of California, Santa Cruz, super-resolution studies of the interaction between motor proteins and INDIVIDUAL CARGOS in Chlamydomonas flagella REVEAL. Laura Granell – Ortiz, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Structural and functional studies A NEW isoform indoleamine 2, 3 – DIOXYGENASE.

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