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But it is important for ladies to weigh the chance and great things about taking aspirin and to consult with their doctor.. Aspirin will not prevent first heart episodes or death from cardiovascular causes in ladies The Women’s Health Study may be the first large clinical trial to study the usage of low-dose aspirin to avoid heart attack and stroke in women. The 10-yr randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted among almost 40,000 healthy women age 45 and old. Although studies show that low-dose aspirin reduces the chance of a first coronary attack in men, there have been few such studies in women. The scholarly research was backed by th National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the National Cancers Institute.Here is a latest tweet from FluGov: ‘Flu season is here now! Check out these pointers to keep yourself protected against the #flu.’ Right off the bat, people are led to believe that there exists a flu period. Like spring, winter, fall or summer, flu season is considered a given, a routine, yearly event for everybody. Of course, their tips is for everyone to get an injection, but those that understand the innate powers of the immune system know better. When one understands the role of nutrition utilization, including probiotics, herbal products and superfoods for disease fighting capability wellness, they understand that there is absolutely no flu time of year.