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The Pill – Plus U.S. Patents for oral use by BioSante to Pantarhei Bioscience, a Netherlands-based pharmaceutical company licensed for development and commercialization in the United States BioSante retains rights to the Pill – Plus for. Transdermal development and marketing.


Extreme fatigue left Endurance Sports female Running On EmptyMale stamina sport athlete may have the risk of for serious health problems, to to the doctors from Loyola University Health System. Undue exercise and poor diet can result in problems such as low energy, menstrual disorders, fertility of problems, stress and osteoporosis. – Marathons and triathlons are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, said Neeru Jayanthi, medical director of the universal service sport medicine, Loyola University Health System. Events events are unskilled athletes correct for properly for her body during exercise. This may be irreversible to damage to their health. .

Colitis ulcerosa impacts 100,000 Canadians and millions around the world, but has an unknown cause and limited treatment options. Most individuals are not fully cured, and often requires the surgical removal of the colon.