Stomach cancer.

Stomach cancer. Cause of stomach and breast cancer under 78 new projects Canadian Cancer Society announcedA mutation in a brought brought a form of hereditary gastric cancer in combination and be now involved in some breast cancer is the focus of a new of 78 research grants today by the Canadian cancer Society.

If his research shows that there is a clear link between the mutation and the later development of cancer screening because it is as simple as administering a blood test. A test that Dr. Huntsman developed during his previous Society grant ‘When individuals who wear them to find the defective gene, they can preventive treatment preventive treatment,’he adds. For patients at risk of gastric cancer, this could mean Dr. Michael stomach removal, a strategy that has already proven successful in preventing the disease in more than 50 people. Future Dr. Huntsman hopes that a drug will be developed the mutation. The mutation.Although the drug industry argues that support trade union suggestion would to hurt regulations to Medi-Cal hostage, reports the New York Times that the the legitimacy of bond. A plan to get Medicaid is uncertain In 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court a similar plan in Maine, however no clear exclusive the legality the use Medicaid for leverage and suggested that out that a plan threatens drug would eliminate out Medicare need approval by HHS. In the meantime pharmaceutical companies who contributed about $ 40 million supported to an Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America funds Proposition When compared In comparison which industries spent $ 9,000 in all national elections 2004 according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

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