Since the establishment of the international HIV / AIDS program in 1986.

Since the establishment of the international HIV / AIDS program in 1986, the U.S. Agency has support for International Development activities, the issues facing women and HIV / AIDS[PDF, by almost 100 bilateral programs of the President Emergency plan for AIDS Relief, USAID has consistently empowered women and girls take control of take control of their economic, social and sexual lives.

Sarah L. Ay – 1 December 2004World AIDS Day is a time to strengthen our commitment to fight the HIV / AIDS epidemic. Women and girls represent a growing proportion of infected by HIV / AIDS, this year’s World AIDS Day campaign will focus on the many issues relating to Women, Girls, HIV and AIDS.Starting in the year 1989, aT President Jimmy Carter operates through its non-profit Carter Center to exterminate the Guinea worm the Sudan began to, writing AFP. Cartersville ‘when it began in your project in South Sudan with more than 100,000 cases of infection found,’AFP to write. ” Last year we have had about 2,500 case, and we think that in the next two and three years we null instances of Guinea worm in Sudan,’he said during an mid-February visit was Lojura where he worm – infected villagers , ‘for the messages service.

Guinea worm, Examine efforts towards of Guinea Worm eliminating.

Agence France-Presse reports efforts to Guinea Wurm, a painful water transmitted people leave people leave weakened and ill every year for several months can be eliminate . disposable jointly African and Asian, with 3.9 million cases of in the year 1986, by World Health Organization , the thread-like worm now restricted to pockets by Mali, Ethiopia and Sudan, writes told IRIN. About 80 per cent of cases are world Southern Sudan, of a region in ruins by a 22 – years of civil war which ended in 2005 left , to the news service .