September events REAL Are?

I’m also interviewed in the series, teaching preparedness strategies for infrastructure collapse . What’s the big concern about ‘September events?’ Aside from the highly volatile stock market that’s clearly headed for a major crash, people are discussing the 7-yr Shemitah cycle, massive social unrest across the world, China’s covert cyber war with America, Russia’s intense nuclear battle stance and the quickly growing U.S. Police declare that seeks to disarm and dominate the American people clearly. September A lot of interesting dates eventually pop up in, including 9/23, a date that’s finding a large amount of scrutiny and interest on sites like All News Pipeline .As a total result, the researchers suggest that our study presents persuasive proof supporting the watch that ovarian carcinoma subtypes are different diseases. .. Americans pay the most for prescription drugs and still don’t take them A global study of dialysis patients shows that although U.S. Residents have the highest out-of-pocket drug costs, actually those that can afford their prescription medications are far less likely to consider them than patients in other countries.