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SAPPHIRE is the first, longest-term randomized study comparing the safety and efficacy of carotid stenting with embolic protection for undergoing endarterectomy or surgery in patients considered at high surgical risk infecciones urogenitales . Carotid stenting is a minimally invasive procedure , which uses the placement of a stent, a wire mesh narrowed artery to open a narrowed artery, is up to the neck through a catheter in the vicinity of the leg. To cancel the chances of small pieces of plaque and enter the bloodstream to reduce during this process, SAPPHIRE researchers used an embolic protection device to catch these small particles. The PRECIS stent and ANGIOGUAR Guidewire approved disease carotid artery in patients treated with a high risk for adverse events from carotid endarterectomy – a surgical treatment for removing arterial plaque from the carotid artery. – These long-term results of the study are important to the approximately one third of patients who had a severe carotid stenosis and require a less invasive, but effective treatment option candidates for surgery candidates for surgery arm, said Sidney Cohen, vice president, Clinical Research, Cordis Corporation. The results show that stenting with the PRECIS Nitinol Stent provides distal protection device distal protection device ANGIOGUAR such patients a safe and effective alternative to carotid surgery. .

‘Mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer patients display different levels of redox-active CSF Iron’by Manuel Moltres, Marta Guillen, Maria Cristina Mujica, Leonel E. Patricio Fuentes, Ricardo B. Maccioni, JAD 13:2, pp. 225-232.

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