Reduce the damage of alcohol in the UK Ian Gilmore thyroid symptoms.

The authors wonder how many other British lives is damaged before the government does nothing really concrete about it. Reduce the damage of alcohol in the UK Ian Gilmore, Nick Sheron BMJ 2007; 335:1271-1272 , doi: 10 thyroid symptoms .1136/bmj.80 Click here.

Notes:The EUROCORES scheme provides a flexible framework for researchers from around the world to work together, regardless of their country of origin. The scheme aims to important scientific questions that address on a larger scale in larger scale collaborative research programs. The topics for EUROCORES programs are selected based on the scientific necessity and added value of cooperation. Often the research requires the integration of researchers who are not usually together.

Gallupe is a researcher with the Social editing software Evaluation Group at Queens University Ontario. The study appears in the September issue of Journal of Adolescent Health.