Post-traumatic tension disorder.

A united group led by Dr. Michael Schoenbaum, senior advisor for Mental Health Providers at the NIMH in Bethesda, Md., reviewed data on 975,057 soldiers who were on energetic duty between 2004 and 2009. They identified 569 suicide deaths and 1,331 deaths categorized as accidents. Risk elements for suicide they discovered were getting white, a man, having a previous or current deployment, having a junior enlisted rank, and recently being demoted. ‘The current articles have previously provided a very wealthy context and raise some important issues that were less obvious previously,’ wrote Dr.As he headed to the emergency room, Thomas posted a picture on Facebook. We’ll find you soon, he wrote. This is the last picture you will notice before I know exactly what will actually happen. He ended up requiring multiple surgeries, including skin grafts to replace dead tissue with brand-new skin. He transferred to UC Irvine Medical Center last month. Doctors informed him he was lucky he didn’t wait any longer to get medical help. They stated easily had gone another day, at all, I would have either dropped my leg, or I could have lost my entire life, Thomas informed CBS Los Angeles. Now, as his recovery continues, Thomas really wants to warn others. If you do get little bit, and you imagine you’d been bitten by a spider, or anything, instantly go to the doctor and have it checked out, he said.

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