She and Xiang Chen, Ph.D., a staff scientist in the Computational Biology department, will be the paper's co-initial authors. The study was section of the Pediatric Malignancy Genome Project, which […]

Breastfeeding and breast sagging, shape Results from a scholarly research published in the September/October 2008 issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal show that, contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding isn’t a […]

The extensive research group assembled by Sanda, Director of the Prostate Malignancy System at BIDMC and Associate Professor of Medical operation/Urology at Harvard Medical College, is merging nanotechnology and tumor […]

The experts also found a link between squamous cell lung malignancy and a defect in another gene, CHEK2, which normally prevents cells from dividing if they have suffered harm to […]

Cholera epidemic spreads in DRC; Efforts to fight disease remain underfunded, U.N.N. Information Centre reports, adding, Over the past six months, the U.N.-managed Central Emergency Response Fund has allocated more […]

Children born to obese moms might die earlier A mother’s obesity may not only damage her health: It may cut the life of her children short. Children of pregnant mothers […]

CTI deposits $10.6 million with U.S. Lender National Association, completes pension of 7.5 percent convertible senior notes Cell Therapeutics, Inc. today announced that it provides deposited $10.6 million in cash […]