Of India measles mortality in 2010 was 47 percent.

Of India measles mortality in 2010 was 47 percent, with 36 percent in the WHO African Region, 8 percent in Southeast Asia excluding India, 7 percent in the region of East Mediterranean 7 percent, 2 percent in the Western Pacific region and less than 1 percent are in America and Europe.

To the global measles to assess progress on the 2010 reduction goal, the researchers developed a new model, in comparison with other models in the country. Surveillance data in both frequency and the age distribution of the cases eliminated estimate herd immunity, and robust statistical methods uses to estimate the degree of uncertainty.Citation: Daoud, Rosenberg; Tabrizian, Pancreatic Islet Culture and Preservation Strategies:. Advances, challenges and Prospects to the future Cell transplantation 19 :1523-1535, the 2010th.