Lead and arsenic For recent months.

BREAKTHROUGH: Chinese authorities admits one-fifth of farm lands heavily contaminated with toxic heavy metals like cadmium, lead and arsenic For recent months, Natural Current information has been caution the global world on the subject of toxic heavy metals within foods, superfoods and health supplements grown in China. Our Natural Information Forensic Food Laboratory has produced breakthrough outcomes showing, for example, that rice proteins imported from China is certainly contaminated with lead considerably, cadmium and tungsten – – all industrial heavy metals. Some greed-powered promoters of rice protein insisted each one of these weighty metals were normally occurring initially, however now the Chinese federal government has truly gone on the record confirming the reality: China’s farm lands are intensely contaminated with toxic large metals, and this has been scientifically documented and proved by Chinese experts and publicly released by Chinese authorities.Do it again businessThe truth us, mammography gives no net conserving in lives at all. In fact, the procedure harms far more women than it helps. . It’s sort of such as a diabetes clinic providing free candy to kids: At some point, after they eat more than enough processed sugar, they’ll come back as repeat customers suffering from diabetes. That’s why the cancer sector freaked out when a U.S. Govt. Job force issued its new cancer screening guidelines. All of a sudden, the cancer industry realized a whole lot would be lost because of it of repeat business if the screenings stopped. So they lobbied hard for a few sort of reversal. And they nearly got it. Today Health insurance and Human Solutions Secretary Kathleen Sebelius went on the atmosphere to announce that the duty force announcing the new mammography recommendations, will not set federal plan and they don’t determine what services are covered by the government.