July and ends on Friday.

The results of the walkathon will be announced at PAC10 known that PSA walkathon will begin on Monday, July and ends on Friday, October.

GSK Marketing Manager ANZ Marketing Expert, Rod Stosic it was heartening to see the initiative of PSA employees who clearly wanted to make an example, while improving their health and meet individual health goals adopted. ‘We are delighted to be a part of this initiative and know that pedometers are important to so many people, how few steps they take during the normal course of their daily routine are surprised Wear is a pedometer accurate measurement and actions as as a good motivator, ‘said Mr. Stosic said.Study styleThe Phase 2b study of TC-5214 known as augmentation the treatment of MDD is a two phase studies in 20 locations to India and three locations the United States had carried out were In the first stage. 579 patients with MDD first-line treatment with citalopram hydrobromide for eight weeks, 20 mg to the first four weeks, to 40 mg citalopram for the coming four weeks..