Including the development of muscle and skin read article.

Proteins, key players in the bodyproteins play an important role in the billions of processes that occur in the body, including the development of muscle and skin, the digestion of food, the growth of cells and the generation of human emotions read article . Our cells continuously produce proteins, but how these complex molecules exactly function is understood by and large, not well.

Abel Garcia – Pino and his colleagues the Phd – Doc toxin-antitoxin operon of P1 bacteriophages study conducted by Remy Loris. Until now nobody the to explain the regulatory mechanism of this system at the molecular level. Therefore, these VIB researchers are the first to show if the Doc intrinsically unfolded C-terminus of Phd, it structures the DNA-binding domain of Phd binds. This kind of communication between two protein domains is allostery. Already in the sixties allostery was commonly believed that a major regulatory mechanism in enzymes and Monod have even called it the second secret of life . A few years ago, allostery between intrinsically unfolded protein domains has been assumed based on theoretical models experimentally has been shown experimentally for the first time. The regulation mechanism presented here is new and probably also for other genes.

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