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– During the Pre – copper phase ‘, we learned that the average bioburden found on six frequently touched times higher than times higher than levels was considered benign, and thus posed a danger to the patient,’says Michael Smith, an investigator on the study. Install copper surfaces, he says, has led to a 83 % reduction of the microbial load of what the team have to conclude that copper surfaces could generally touched objects a much safer environment. With ‘Since the average length of hospital infections acquired in the United States conservative adds an additional 19 days of hospitalization and $ 43,000 cost of of the use of antimicrobial copper surfaces warrants further studies and optimization,’said Schmidt, adding that after cancer, heart leading cause of death after cancer, heart disease and strokes.

Hospitals – almost 5,500 every day, In this study per year – sick from the hospital by $ 45000000000 to the annual cost of health care.. Unlike antibiotics, bacteria probably not develop complete resistance to UV light, although it is possible that variants with improved DNA arise arise repair systems, the investigators note, adding that only four times more radiation would be needed to be decimated Deinococcus radiodurans, a species that is known for its radiation resistance, as in the case of E. – CK Murray, MS Vrahas and MR Hamblin, 2012 UVC light prophylaxis for skin wound infections in mice Antim Agents Chemother 56:3841-3848) Download the magazine article on research at the Medical University of South Carolina suggests that the addition of copper to the hospital.Dr. Drl be an internationally recognized expert who has conducted extensive research upon exercise during the pregnancy and is the lead author of the American College of obstetrician and gynecologist to current guidelines for exercises for pregnant women. food for two The new research a blow to the and was take it easy ADVICE birth attendants of a past generation which moms-to-be. There are as many more obese men and women We are witnessing a epidemic of on overweight and obese gestation seems to be an ideal time for change the behavior , Artal says. .