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In the current study, by Millennium Pharmaceuticals, American, French, Italian and Polish researchers treated 31 patients sponsored whose cancer was resistant or refractory to platinum-based chemotherapy and who had tried at least three other therapies Twenty-five patients had ovarian cancer had 5 primary peritoneal cancer, and one had Fallopian tube carcinoma. The fact that the drug efficacy in the treatment efficacy in the treatment of resistant ovarian cancer ‘is worth a visit next,’noted Professor Stan Kaye, Professor of Medical Oncology at the Royal Marsden Hospital..

Both vision and vision – related quality improved quality of life in patients with wet AMD.. There are two types of AMD. Dry and wet wet AMD accounts for about 15 percent of all. AMD cases, but the majority of vision loss is associated with the growth of pathological new vessels under the macula These vessels are fragile and leak fluid and blood, which the development of edema and If wet AMD robs a person of central vision , but also deprived them of their independence, said Nicholas Franco, Head of Novartis Ophthalmics. Visual acuity improvement was demonstrated that the return of the the return of the ability to life affirminge-affirming everyday for these patients, such as reading and shopping.Innovative design of the GORE BIO A Fistula Plug pooled hollow tubes of a circular disc a circular disk. Which disk supports the plug stay in their place whereby the chance of a leading cause of from Fistula failure-free the extrusion the connector through distal opening of fistula tract. It also facilitates the repeatable anchoring of for dependable performance. The 3D structure on the tubes to expand enables fast the defect and allows for quick fitting and the device is in the device in position in the fistula. Chirurgen can customize GORE Organic -A Fistula Plug for the most faults. Each pipe can to trim and removed, so that. Which conformity of the product on an exact fit.

GORE BIO Pat Fistula Plug with a proven with a proven, synthetic 100 % bioresorbable material – polyglycolic acid: trimethylene carbonate . The material is saved through 15 years of research and has been successfully used has been used successfully It has thousands of patients. It provides the patient body having a skeleton by Over time new tissue. Over time, as the patient begins healing material being material is gradually through the body leaves behind no permanent material absorbed. – Device dislodgement and removal are of Anal Fistulas plugin by bacterial enzymes considered on some bugs in the treatment of this disorder at the past, Bradford Sklow, said Assistant Professor in in the Department of surgery at the University of Utah School of Medicine.