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Icahn also marketed his shares in the biotech businesses Amgen, headquartered in California, New York-structured Regeneron, and medical gadget firm Cyberonics from Houston, Texas. Image: Wikimedia Commons.. In 2007 August, billionaire Carl Icahn took your hands on 2. Over the next couple of years, he grew his possession in the Weston, Massachusetts-based biotech, holding 8.2 million shares valued at nearly $750 million as recently as June of the year. Since he committed to Biogen Idec first, Icahn has attempted to wrench control of the drugmaker most widely known for its medicines for dealing with multiple sclerosis.To date nearly 4,000 Australians have already been contaminated with swine flu and five have got passed away of swine related causes. The University collaborated with the American organization Protein Sciences Company to create the vaccines faster utilizing the latest cell tradition vaccine technology and Professor Middelberg says the business is likely to stage clinical individual trials in the U.S., Mexico and Australia in fact it is anticipated that Australia will end up being among the first to reap the benefits of this new technology. Professor Anton Middelberg, from UQ’s Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, stated the vaccine matched the virus within the initial US case of swine flu, a 10-year-old boy in NORTH PARK. Professor Middelberg stated the brand new technology, from US company Protein Sciences Company , could produce vaccines quicker than conventional methods predicated on eggs.