If diabetics are monitored regularly by their ophthalmologist.

Yet 90 % of diabetic eye disease can be prevented simply by correct regular examinations and treatment and by managing blood glucose. To promote knowing of the need for an annual attention examination, the Academy, along with its companions the American Society of Retina Specialists, the Macula Culture and the Retina Culture, have released EyeSmart: EyeCommitted, a social media campaign to encourage people who have diabetes to pledge to obtain an annual eye exam. Diabetes can have a devastating effect on vision, but the very good news can be that regular dilated eyesight exams by an ophthalmologist and timely treatment, if needed, can save vision for the vast majority of diabetics, stated David W. Parke II, MD, executive vice CEO and president of the Academy. This is why we’re urging people who have diabetes to obtain EyeCommitted.Product sales of Ketek were an estimated $50 million in the first half of 2006, the company said.

Antidepressants plus blood-thinners decelerate brain cancer Gliomas are aggressive human brain tumors arising from the brain’s helping glial cells. They take into account about a third of most brain tumors, and hold the highest incidence and mortality price among primary brain cancers patients, creating an urgent dependence on effective treatments. Certain antidepressants already in the market could lower the risk of gliomas, but there’s been little evidence to aid their use in individuals. Now, researchers at EPFL can see that tricyclic antidepressants coupled with anticoagulant drugs can actually decelerate gliomas by leading to the cancer cells to consume themselves.