Gout patients normally produce too much uric acid or not effectively excrete excess uric acid.

Rock and colleagues had previously shown that uric acid. From damaged cells in the body is released MSU crystals forming act as a danger signal , which stimulates the immune response in action The same group has now shown that in mice, MSU crystals internalized by monocytes, which. In the processing and maturation of the molecule pro-IL-1beta to its biologically active form of IL-1beta IL-1beta receptor activates the IL-1beta to cells by the MSU-crystal loaded joints, which recruits the protein MyD88. E-mailtriggers the production of inflammatory molecules. Painful arthritis Surprisingly, the inflammatory reaction is not with Toll-like receptors foreign pathogens foreign pathogens and usually solve immune cells responses. In an accompanying commentary, Laurie Glimcher, Harvard Medical School, commented that the investigation of the physiological function of IL-1beta in human gout inflammation is undoubtedly new therapeutic tools to better manage the acute inflammatory episodes in patients with gout.

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