Former Principal Deputy Associate Secretary of the Army.

The Reitmeister-Abess Center Environmental Stewardship Award can be presented annually to an individual who has made a singularly significant contribution to conservation, particularly related to water resources and/or endangered species. To his placement with the Army Prior, Salt served as the Director of Everglades Restoration Initiatives for the Section of the Interior, where he was in charge of assisting in the advancement and implementation of administration policies supporting several Everglades restoration programs.Ratner recommends the next guidelines to help protect teens and tweens from the harmful effects of the sun: * Use self-tanning lotions. Tanning beds aren’t good for anyone. Teens and young adults seeking to get that ideal tan should make use of tanning creams to obtain a safe summer time glow. Be wary of freckles *. If you develop freckles on your skin, this may be a sign of sustained sun damage. Freckles generally develop in sun-exposed areas like the face, chest and arms, and they are much more likely to develop in fair-skinned people with red or blonde locks. * Apply sunscreen generously. Teens and tweens should apply sunscreen to the entire surface of their body about 30 minutes before going outside; if they’re swimming, they should reapply after they are out from the water.