Experts at The University of Texas M.

An engineered virus that tracks straight down and compels cancer cells to eat themselves An engineered virus tracks straight down and infects the most typical and deadly type of brain cancer and then kills tumor cells by forcing them to devour themselves, experts at The University of Texas M. D long term effect read more . Anderson Cancer Center record in the Journal of the National Tumor Institute. The altered adenovirus homed in on malignant glioma cells in mice and induced enough self-cannibalization among the tumor cells – – a process called autophagy – – to reduce tumor size and prolong survival, says senior author Seiji Kondo, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor in the Section of Neurosurgery at M.

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An off change for cancer New insight into how human cells reproduce, published by cancer researchers at Michigan State University and the Van Andel Analysis Institute in Grand Rapids, could help scientists move nearer to finding an away switch for cancer.Malignancy cells divide uncontrollably and may move from one section of the physical body to some other. They undergo dramatic shifts in form when they do so, said Aaron DeWard, an MSU cell and molecular biology doctoral applicant who published his study lately in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. He’s racking your brains on how certain proteins result in cell movement and division and how tumor hijacks the machine to create genomic instability. DeWard and his educational adviser, VARI senior scientific investigator Art Alberts, investigated proteins called formins that help determine the shape of a cell during division and movement.