Evotec is also phase I safety and tolerability studies for EVT 103.

Evotec is also phase I safety and tolerability studies for EVT 103, the next generation of EVT 101 Roche will fully fund these development programs. In addition, for the option to buy back the entire EVT 100 family of compounds, Roche has agreed to pay Evotec an upfront payment of USD 10 million. ,, Chief Financial Officer of Evotec, said: product development product development with Roche provides clear evidence of the value Evotec with the EVT 100 compound family has created in recent years, benefiting patients and thus the shareholders We are delighted. This partnership be with Roche and provides obvious benefits to both parties. .

Evotec progressed the development of this family of compounds. An initial Phase I safety and tolerability profile with EVT 101, the lead compound, was successfully completed in 2006. In 2008, Evotec two Phase Ib trials. These studies were designed to provide safety and tolerability over longer periods at higher doses than the initial phase I study and signs of CNS activity lead cause potential therapeutic doses. Results from a Phase Ib 4-week repeated dose study in young and elderly healthy subjects have shown that the drug was well tolerated up to the highest dose tested. In addition, a sub – study of drug – spinal fluid concentration was measured, demon – strated that EVT 101 penetrates the brain and leads to concentration, should pro-duce a high level of NR2B receptor blockade.Species-specific talk, human speech content left-brain processed.

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