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Wait a blog published a stronger positive effect on troubled students well-being than just an expression of their social fears and concerns in a private diary, according to the article online in the APA journal Psychological Services. Open your blog, comments from the online community intensified those effects. Although cyberbullying and online abuse are extensive and broad, found that found that almost all responses to our participants blog messages were supportive and positive in nature, said the study’s co-author, Azy Barak, We were not surprised, as we frequently see positive social expressions online in terms of generosity. . .


Using new gene is – array technologies for to measure the extent of gene expression to thousands of genes in same, this study demonstrates that a man diverged from of your monkeys Ancestry in the last five million years, genes transcription factors – control for the expression of other genes – was change four times more often its own expression pattern to the genes that regulate the them. Because they are the activity of many ‘downstream’affecting genetic targets, small changes in expression of these regulatory genes have an enormous impact. – ‘If we are did the gene expression of, we will rather minor changes in the 65 million years macaque, orangutans and chimp found evolution,’said study author Yoav Gilad, assistant professor of human genetics at the University of Chicago, ‘followed by rapidly changing million years of the million years of the human lineage, to was concentrated on of these specific group of genes. This rapid development to transcription factor only entered into humans. ‘ – ‘For 30 years, scientists have suspected that the gene regulation did to Human Evolution in human evolution,’said Kevin White, associate professor of genetics and of Ecology and Evolution at the Yale and senior author of the study. ‘addition to idea of idea changed dramatically in gene regulation are an important part of our evolutionary history, these new Results The helping for define exactly which regulatory factors may be important, of at least in certain tissues. This does the door open in order one functional dissection of part gene regulation during the evolution of of the modern man. ‘.