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This study was a population-based study in South London to estimate the prevalence of severe heart and stroke risk factors in people from different ethnic backgrounds. Prediction,ent of lifestyle factors showed that body mass index, systolic blood pressure and smoking contributed to differences in CRP between the groups, but the majority of the difference in CRP was unexplained. – There is ongoing debate over the ability of CRP to predict the risk of heart disease compared with established cardiovascular risk factors, even in individuals of European origin, where most of the evidence relating to the CRP – coronary disease association, said Aroon D.

CRP may be used as part of a global coronary risk assessment in adults without known cardiovascular disease at the discretion of the physician, according to a consensus statements from the American Heart Association and the Centers for Disease Control. A CRP value above a cutoff point 3mg / L indicates high risk.Johns Hopkins School of Public Health six hundred and fifteen N. W1600 Wolfe St. Baltimore,measurement valuesressure. Of Mobile Health Monitoring Solution Start Add SingaporeHP, SingTel, HealthSTATS and Frontier Healthcare Group Limited today announced that an 8-week clinical study with one mobile health monitoring solution. The solution also enables near real-time Details exchange of public health in the early diagnosis, treatment and preventing cardiovascular diseases to help.

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