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4) Cancerbackup, as a charity receives 54 percent of their funds from individuals, 11 percent from foundations, 5 percent from grants, 14 percent of companies, 2 percent from investments and 14 percent of its commercial enterprises. Pharmaceutical companies contributed 9 percent of the total 2005/06 income.The Johns Hopkins researchers write next generation factors contributed to the tip in the use of CT and MRI scans in U.S. Emergency room. – A few significant rise have contributed to this significant increase in CT usage is the superiority of from CT scans, X-rays for diagnosing diseases of such cervical vertebrae fracture, the routine application of whole-body scanning for patients in some trauma of dealt centers higher availability of CT scanners, proximity of CT scanners on patient treatment to areas of most emergency rooms, the velocity of the new-generation a CT scanner, what do to sedate to a decrease in need for pediatric, and the care of malpractice lawsuits on a wasted diagnose the authors write..