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Elena Revazova, MD was to release a description of human parthenogenetic stem cells and their potential ISCO skills of critical immune defense problems in peer-reviewed paper published ISCO 19th December 2007 reported in the online edition of Cloning and Stem Cells Journal, ISCO ‘s Chief Scientific Officer, stated, ISCO has created a human parthenogenetic called stem cell line PHSC – Hhom-4 Cells derived from this line, not denied immunity after transplantation drugs for ed . In millions of people of different genders, ages and ethnic groups .

. our business model, added Mr. Aldrich, is to make our cell lines and intellectual property easily accessible and thus a supplier from therapeutic cells for use are of the patient in the world to accomplish this goal, To achieve our purpose. It is human human parthenogenetic stem cell lines so many qualified researchers as possible so that it cures to many human diseases can develop as quickly as possible. .

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Sunderland Hospital Infection resultsPart of the infection control pilot program, three stages , each with 27 beds, identical to deep cleanser were were subjected. Two of the stops were treated with air disinfection of devices and that patients receiving organic yoghurt. Both these stations revealed 76.7 percent and 90.9 percent reducing the number of C. Diff insulated the past year compared to merely 44.8 percent reduction in the third stop of. Les Boobis is the director of infections Prevention and Control Sunderland Hospital, says: ‘We are very satisfied the first results which we wards, wards, where to air disinfectants technologies been provided pleased C. Chg high volume potentially fatal potentially life-threatening condition and the air quality improvement and our continued vigilance Clean, we appear to achieve real reductions in our infection rates are. ‘.