E-mail medical history and / or anatomical parameters could be used alone or in combination.

E-mail medical history and / or anatomical parameters could be used alone or in combination , to distinguish patients with OSAS from snoring patients, the authors write. We believe that all patients should be a treatment for snoring should be screened overnight using a device measuring at least oxygen saturation and airflow are, the authors conclude. If the results are suggestive of OSAS, or if excessive daytime sleepiness, excessive daytime sleepiness, standard polysomnography should be applied. Summarize, we believe that medical history, anatomical findings, and functional factors are not sufficient to adequately anticipate the presence or absence of OSAS. .. Confirmed the differences in the anatomical measures between patients with a diagnosis of OSAS by polysomnography and the other patients were not statistically significant, although patients with a confirmed diagnosis tended the occurrence of apneas the occurrence of apneas more often.

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