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David Satcher, director of the Center of Excellence for Health Disparities and the Satcher Health Leadership Institute Initiative, formerly the Center , the United States Surgeon General and Deputy Secretary for Health and Director for Disease Control and Prevention: ‘The United States spends more on health care than any other country in the world, but it is one of the 41st in terms of life expectancy. New Orleans and its experience with Hurricane Katrina illustrate why we take the social determinants of health to target – including housing, education, job and learning conditions, and whether the people to toxins, better than any place I think the subject at the moment http://kamagraes.com read more . By targeting the SDH, we can respond quickly to fill the gap, the move unfairly and avoidably separates the health status of groups of different socio-economic status, social exclusion experience and education. ‘.

Today, the killing people on a ‘grand scale ‘reports WHO CommissionA child born in a Glasgow, Scotland suburb expect a life 28 years shorter than another living only 13 kilometers away. A girl in Lesotho is likely to live 42 years less than another in Japan. In Sweden, the risk of a woman dying during pregnancy and childbirth 1 in 17,400, in Afghanistan, the odds are 1 in eighth Biology does not explain, none of that -. And- – instead, the differences between the countries will result from the social environment where people are born, grow, work and age. ‘ ‘social determinants of health ‘were the focus of a three-year investigation by an eminent group of politicians, academics, former heads of state and former Health Minister. Together they form the World Health Organization Commission on Social Determinants of Health. Today, the Commission presented its findings to the WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan. – ‘Is toxic combination of bad policies, economics and politics, attracted for the fact that a majority of people in the world do not enjoy the good health possible possible, ‘the Commissioners write in Closing the Gap in a Generation: Health equity through action on the social determinants of health ‘ ‘Social injustice killing people on a large scale. ‘.

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Toronto Star. Where Benedict ‘dialed the declare on his first papal visit to African that not condoms stop the spread of HIV / AIDS has the disastrous the continent of,’he said ‘stunned health care professional and AIDS experts who understand that condoms are are an essential tool in the a broader strategy of promoting safer sexual conduct ‘a Star editorial. The editorial staff continues that the Pope is ‘peak not collected and if he think that condoms problem, does not the solution, arguing,’adding that Benedict ‘has long been a the use of condoms than AIDS prevention strategy demonizing. ‘The editorial staff asks: ‘But what of of millions of married women whose parties are carriers of HIV and whose of life by by condoms to if handled correctly they able protect themselves from infections ‘ Opinion Pieces? – Roland Martin, com: While Roman Catholic is ‘long time been opposed on the use condoms and other forms of birth control,’it says ‘mindboggling ‘He reasons church officials ‘a definitive definitive research that condoms are play a large role in the reduction of spread of HIV / AIDS ‘and sexually transmitted infections, a columnist Martin wrote in a guest. ,, despite of abstinence is ‘to stop only surefire way HIV / AIDS ‘, the ‘reality’be in that ‘[p] are eople sex. ‘Therefore, the ‘refusal to to the Catholic Church and other religious communities, the reality of the situation to accept on the ground doing nothing for question, ‘Martin write. He concludes: ‘If the church using his vigorous voice – while they continue in, against sex outside marriage – well as pleading people practice safe sex, this could have a large impact on the slowdown in the spreading the disease ‘(Martin.

Bonnie Rentals, Thomas Jefferson Street my blog, U.S. News & World Report: if HH the pope are interested in in learning about HIV / AIDS of Africa, his would reading the widely literature on women and how to buy the disease, United writes at U.S. News and World Report Thomas Jefferson Street Sitemap. advice Heritage, the share of HIV-positive women, prostitutes and for injection drug consumers by the %age married to upright upright of life in their own communities dwarfed. Is These ladies are often married to men that may be older, have multiple sexual partners and refuse use condoms, write inheritance. Showed, however, to endure no understanding for the dreadful lives of these women, and the damage done in order their children, of whom of birth, many HIV – positive, Benedict no sympathy with women whose husbands AIDS and pointed Rentals to write. It excludes: One less compassion or understanding of view its situation than his is hard to fathom (Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street Blog, U.S. News and World Report, Reprinted with friendly permission of you the entire Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report, search the archives or sign up for mail delivery on Kaiser Daily Health policy coverage being on royal network. A free service from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation published. Birth control recently been publishes editorials and opinion of plays responding to recent statement of Benedict XVI that distributing condoms stop the spread of stop the spread of HIV / AIDS in Africa summaries of at.