Comparing to a range of chronic diseases and markers of disease.

Martinson, Office of population Research, Princeton University. Link to Articlelink for commentAnswer to commentAmerican Journal of Epidemiology, DOI: 10.. The study uses data from two nationally representative surveys to the health of the inhabitants of the United States and England from 0 to 80 years, comparing to a range of chronic diseases and markers of disease. This research builds on previous studies by other researchers , which focuses primarily on older adults. In the U.S.

The survey queried more than 750 cardiology, endocrinology, nephrology, and primary care clinicians who attended the 2007 Cardiometabolic Health Congress in September. The survey results show a distinct lack of consensus among clinicians, such as screening, diagnosis and management of patients at risk -. For example, when Congress participants were asked, In the treatment of patients with multiple cardiometabolic risk factors, is what your highest priority? The results of the survey were as follows:.Promoter Of refreshments Promoters Use genes Research and therapeutic by UBC researchers Unvelied.

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