Collagen injected meatballs!

Collagen injected meatballs! If your meat needs to be plumped up, try some collagen injections. Injecting meatballs with collagen might help the meat to wthhold the important nutrients iodine and thiamine, a new study by researchers from the Agricultural University of Poznan in Poland shows. During the processes of storing and cooking food, pork meatballs have a tendency to lose a share of thiamine and iodine. Adding collagen fibre or collagen hydrolysate saturated with potassium iodide to meat makes it more stable than potassium iodide launched using iodized table salt. The collagen improvement works on fresh meat before cooking, however the effect also lasts during cold – or freezer-storage space .Gee, then what would you contact it when bitcoin loses 99 percent? A ‘raging’ success? How to avoid getting victimized by bitcoin schemesTempted by greed, just about any individual will predictably abandon all rationality and dive headfirst into nearly every scheme that looks more likely to produce financial gain without effort. Stated Honestly, most people got into bitcoin for the easy, raw reason that it was a ‘get rich quick’ opportunity. Purchase low, sell high. It’s the same fraud repeated through the entire history of financial markets and made famous by people like Ponzi and Bernie Madoff.