Coauthors the current report with the AREDS Research Group.

Coauthors the current report with the AREDS Research Group, National Institutes of Health National Institutes of Health and Bausch & Lomb Inc., announced Susan B. Bressler, MD, Nathan G. Congdon, MD, Frederick L. Ferris III, David S. Friedman, MD, Ronald Klein, MD, Anne S. Lindblad, and Johanna M. And Public Affairsblic AREDS Research Group, Potential Health Impact of Age – Related Eye Disease Study Results, Archives of Ophthalmology, Pages 1621-1624.

Public reporting on the public health impact of the national Age-Related Eye Disease Study , two years ago and supported by the National Eye Institute, appreciate a team of Johns Hopkins are eye doctors and other scientists involved AREDS is 8 million people in the United States at age 55 or older at high risk for advanced forms of the central vision central vision and who could benefit from daily vitamin treatment. And belong with an intermediate stage of AMD in one or both eyes or advanced AMD in one eye. AMD is the leading cause of blindness in developed countries.Explorer out of University of Leicester in the United Kingdom and National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health, UK and of Department of General Medicine, Dusseldorf tested to see Germany 30 previous studies involving 15,277 persons in basic services of cognitive disorder , including 7109 judged to dementia.

Missing early dementia in New Studydisplays New research from at Leicester University that family doctors are fighting to properly identifying people in the early stages of dementia what fails in either case and misidentifications .