CNIT fourth one fourth revenues boost 94.

CNIT fourth one fourth revenues boost 94.1 percent to US$61.22 million China IT, Inc. , a leading total solutions company of geographic info systems , digital general public protection technology and digital medical center information systems in China, today announced its financial results for the 4th quarter and fiscal season ended December 31, 2010. Fourth Quarter 2010 Financial Highlights Revenues increased 94.1 percent YoY to US$61.22 millionGross Income increased 36.6 percent YoY to US$21.56 millionNon-GAAP Operating Profit increased 33.3 percent YoY to US$13.18 millionNon-GAAP NET GAIN elevated 17.2 percent YoY to US$11.08 millionNon-GAAP Fully Diluted EPS was US$0.21Cash flow from operations increased 156.3 percent to US$8.08 millionFull Year 2010 Financial Highlights Revenue increased 62.2 percent YoY to US$163.85 millionGross Profit increased 39.3 percent YoY to US$70.56 millionNon-GAAP Operating Profit increased 32.8 percent YoY to US$47.01 millionNon-GAAP Net Income elevated 19.5 percent YoY to $38.5 millionNon-GAAP Completely Diluted EPS was US$0.74Cash Flow from Operations increased 134.8 percent YoY to $26.95 millionUpdates FY2011 Revenue and Adjusted NET GAIN Guidance’We are pleased to announce strong results for both fourth quarter and full year 2010 and notable achievements across all our business segments.6 million in new contracts, getting the total value of contracts signed in 2010 2010 to $151.5 million, up 35.8 % as compared with the previous year,’ stated Mr.‘In the agricultural business, too, we are generally profiting from our innovative products,’ he continuing. In Crop Protection, the brand new items released since 2006 are predicted to accomplish sales around EUR 2.8 billion in 2017 . For CropScience all together, the goal is to obtain above-market development and raise product sales to a lot more than EUR 11 billion in 2017 , giving average annual development of around 5 %. It really is intended to keep up with the EBITDA margin before unique products at an industry-leading degree of 23 to twenty five % . ‘We will right now work at complete steam on applying our decision to target entirely on the life span Technology businesses,’ Dekkers announced. All the related tasks are on the right track.