Cell division can be halted in multiple ways.

The National Institutes of Wellness funded the project.. Cell division can be halted in multiple ways, with implications for cancer Brown University researchers have found there are multiple independent ways to stop cell division, a phenomenon that prevents the spread of genetic mutation, which can make cells cancerous. Results of this research, along with an accompanying editorial, were released in the current issue of the journal Molecular Cell. The results will be of interest to researchers who are developing new-generation drugs that focus on cancer at the molecular level, relating to John Sedivy, principal investigator of the study and a professor in the Division of Molecular Biology, Cell Biochemistry and Biology.This specifier could be put on episodes of mania/hypomania where depressive features can be found also to episodes of major depression in the context of main depressive disorder or bipolar disorder when top features of mania/hypomania are present, says the united team. In today’s research, 59.5 percent of the mood episodes were manic/hypomanic, 34.4 percent were depressed, and 6.0 percent were mixed episodes when the sufferers were diagnosed based on the DSM-IV-TR criteria.8 percent of mood episodes were manic/hypomanic, 30.5 percent were depressed, 15.7 percent were manic/hypomanic episodes with mixed features, and 3.9 percent were depressed episodes with mixed features.